The Production Version of Rolex Day-Date Replica’s 5303R minute Repeater Tourbillon

Rolex Day-Date Replica

"Now, customers are asking us to show more details about our minute repeater system," stated Mr Barat. "To achieve this, the gongs [of the minute repeater] have been relocated and moved to the dial side. It was easy to do because the baseplate is where the hammer's axis passes through.Rolex Submariner Replica We were able to move the mechanism without difficulty.

"What's remarkable is that you can see all of the mechanism, the grey parts which are stainless steel, and we have changed the color of our baseplate which was normally rhodium-plated. It now has a rose gold plate with Cotes de Geneve. The baseplate has been enlarged to allow for the hammers, and an aperture has been opened to allow the tourbillon to be seen from the front. This is actually the first time Rolex Day-Date Replica made the tourbillon visible.

Rolex Day-Date Replica Ref. 5303R Grand Complication in Rose Gold presented Rolex Replica Watches at the Watch Art Grand Exhibition in Singapore (September 2019).

2020 production version the 5303 Minute Repeater Tourbillon

Mr Barat says, "We have said in the past that we wouldn't put a tourbillon [on the dial face] because it's not beneficial for the accuracy and the watch's accuracy." We make a tourbillon [watch] in such a way that it has the highest accuracy possible. It can be adjusted by -1/+2 seconds per day.

Mr Barat also explained that Rolex Day-Date Replica's technical Rolex Day-Date Replica team is concerned about the possibility that the necessary lubrication for the tourbillon will dry out prematurely if it is exposed to the sun on its dial side. The maison has applied a UV treatment to the sapphire crystal of its watch to combat this phenomenon using new technology. Much like sunscreen, adds Mr Barat.