The Production Version of Rolex Cellini Replica’s 5303R minute Repeater Tourbillon

Rolex Cellini Replica

Let us take you back to the Rolex Cellini Replica Watch Art Grand Exhibition in Singapore, September 2019. We are at the heart of the exhibition. All the formal speeches, unveiling of the space and announcements about the special edition watches for exhibition are done.

The 5303R, one of the many special editions, was the final of the lot crowning jewels. It featured two rare firsts for Rolex Cellini Replica: it was the first minute repeater to be equipped with its hammers, gongs and tourbillon mechanism. This was visible from the dial side.

Rolex Cellini Replica Watch Art Grand Exhibition

Revolution was our first encounter with 5303 in the hands Philip Barat, Director,Rolex Submariner Replica Watch Development at Rolex Cellini Replica, on September 28, 2019, to be exact. He shared that "For this exhibition, we have launched a brand new model, this minute repeater tourbillon, but here -- for the very first time --we can view the entire mechanism of the minute repeater on dial side.

"It's an evolutionary of the traditional minute repeater calibration that we launched in 1989 but this since then, we have never seen how our minute repetition mechanism works." Mr Barat was referring to the ref.Vacheron Constantin Replica The maison issued the 3979 at the 150th anniversary. This was also the occasion when the Calibre89 pocket watch debuted.

The ref. Rolex Cellini Replica introduced the 3979 Rolex Cellini Replica Tourbillon Minute Repeater in 1989 to mark its 150th anniversary

Rolex Cellini Replica presented the extraordinary Calibre89 pocket watch in 1989 to mark its 150th anniversary.